About Marteney Media

We’re Ken and Sherri. Two creatives, traversing the digital and print landscape who just happen to be married. We’ve been publishing on the Amazon KDP platform since 2013. Now we help others publish there too.

We understand that writing and publishing a book is akin to giving birth. Your idea grows and blossoms as you labor over every detail. You anxiously count all the toes and fingers and make sure it’s just perfect before proudly displaying it to the world. Then you have to set it free, out into the world, for others to experience. It’s an exciting and momentous occasion.

We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why you can trust us with your baby. We’ll guide you through the process, holding your hand and wiping your brow or we can fill in as a surrogate and do the work for you. We’re all in and we’re here for you.


Ken has been telling stories since he threw a rock through Mr. Johnson’s window when he was six. That story began with, “it wasn’t me.” Even though in his juvenile genius he had wrapped the rock with a message… and signed it. Mr. Johnson would never give back the balls that my Ken and his cousin would hit over the fence. They both thought they were on track to be Major League Baseball Players. Ken worked in television for a while and then went on to write a few screenplays and numerous books. He has been a guest speaker at several events. You could call him an author, speaker, or even the ultimate host with a kickass margarita.

Sherri has been managing creatives since the dot com days when she worked in brand marketing in the high tech sector. Then she went hippie and transitioned into the health and wellness space. OM. After marrying Ken, Sherri began using her editorial and graphic design skills to help Ken publish his projects. Sherri also creates a line of fun and educational workbooks for kids over at Dilly Dally Press.

Let’s Chat

Not sure where to get started? Looking for some friendly advice? We enjoy chatting about book ideas, illustrations and all things KDP book publishing. Sometimes it leads to a gig, sometimes not. Either way, we’re happy to hear about your potential project and offer up some advice.

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