Foster Care: A Survival Guide 

If I had five minutes to talk to a kid entering foster care, here’s what I’d say to them. And if I could talk with them every day, I’d go over these things with them again and again. But I can’t. So I wrote them down. Please share. Thanks, Ken

This pocket-guide offers easy tips, which are often overlooked, for success in the foster care system and beyond. Drawing on his past experiences as a system kid, Mr. Marteney, offers insightful advice on how a few simple actions can have a huge impact on a foster child’s experience in the system.


Ken Marteney is a third-generation foster kid from the Los Angeles area, having lived in foster homes, boys’ homes, and group homes. After successfully navigating the system, Ken worked his way around the globe traveling as far east as England and as far west as Hawaii.

He’s a normal guy that just happened to have grown up in extraordinary circumstances. He is passionate about kids not only surviving, but thriving while in foster care.

Ken feels like he’s won the lottery every day. He currently resides in Texas, happily married with three kids.

3 thoughts on “Foster Care: A Survival Guide 

  1. Genuine love will trump anything and everything especially when it comes to children. Sounds like you have a great family. Cheers to great great families.

  2. When I was growing up, I had 2 foster brothers who I am proud to say still keep in touch and we still feel related after all these years. One brother now has 2 foster children in his home along with his 2 boys. If done right – the system works.

  3. Hey guys! Thanks so much for sharing this post and coming to read it. It’s an old post from May 2013. It was free that day. I hope this didn’t cause you any problems. Thanks again! Ken

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