The new self defense system designed for bloggers to keep the crazies away.

Have you ever encountered a knuckle dragging brute who is convinced your latest fiction was inspired by his momma?  I have.

Up until now we bloggers had only one option. Run.

Not anymore!


Blogarate trains you to punch and kick out your posts.

That’s write you will be punching and kicking out your posts like never before!

The secret is in the humongous keyboard built on an adjustable rack.

The letters on the keyboard are specially designed to be punched, kicked, elbowed and kneed.

Blogarate builds confidence and gets you ripped as you express your innerself.


Blogarate also comes with gloves and head gear. These moves are serious and deadly and we wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.

Blogarate is based on five martial art disciplines — Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Karate and let’s not forget Kung Fu.

Act now and we will rush you a bonus DVD on ten ways to defend yourself with a cheese puff.

At Blogarate we like to say it’s not about the words, it’s about the punch-uation!


Side effects are: confidence, a good night’s sleep and referring to everyone you meet on the street as your “little bitch.”

Get our Street Cred Package and get a free “I’m a Blogger, bitch” t-shirt.

Profanity not included.

This ad is brought to you by Potentially Disruptive.


12 thoughts on “Blogarate

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  3. I find myself reading this again.
    I still love it!
    Incidentally, I see big gaps in your blog posts….. mmm… that’s a heck of a lot of time to be practicing one’s ‘punch-uations’!!

  4. Glad you like it. I’m gonna give you a secret power word from Blogarate. Shh. It’s Hai-Ku. Emphasis on the second syllable. When you punch and kick out your posts use that word for poetry POWER!

  5. Maybe, like martial arts, getting the timing of a ‘Face-palm’ right just needs that extra little bit of practice…

    hehehe….. !!

  6. Build it and they will come.
    Design it and they will buy it.
    Make it and they will wear it.
    I’m feeling a trend here. Or was it a lost opportunity. Smack in the forehead–should have had shirts made before posting.

  7. I need a cheese puff like exactly that so it won’t occur to anyone to mess with me!
    Failing that, where’s the mail order form for the T-shirt?

    You’re breaking my heart with this latest post…. Seriously!!!!!

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