On The Road Again

Flying down the road

The kids think I’m a troll

Because I’ll only play rock and roll

I sing loud and proud

I like the windows down

Still everybody frowns

They all want to hear one thing

And it’s not music from the king

I raised them on Miles and Coltrane

Mozart and Beethoven

Elvis and Frank

When did their musical tastes tank

They are fanatics about country

Since some of those weenies

Started wearing beanies

I would rather commit harry carry

Than listen to those fairies

About dirt and trucks

And dogs wagging their tails for good luck

I would rather stab myself in the neck

Than to sit back and say what the heck

I was told

I’m just getting old

Better roll up the windows before you catch a cold

Just another old man

Driving a bunch of kids in a mini van

14 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. If I could double-follow your poems/blog I would!
    Wonderful poem… and most deservéd nomination Ken!

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  3. I can’t help it. Country drives me Nuts, it’s almost as bad as Journey. I should be thankful my kids don’t even know who Journey is. Thanks Waywardspirit you always make me think of the positive spin. 🙂

  4. You are clearly wrong Ken…but I still wandered here when I saw your picture on a Simon’s cite and realized didn’t want to wait to find you in my reader. Glad to be back!
    I still have so much to catch up on. : )

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