Mean and Green

The wife and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

It got stuck in her head

It’s all about juice fasting

Guess who she’s casting


I’m going on a juice fast

She says it’s gonna be a blast

I’m sipping a glass of green yuk

What the #@!$

It already started — no way!

Not a month of drinking hay

But I still get coffee for a week

Ah, she’s so sweet

My little wife

Doing her best to extend my life

But I’m not taking meds

I’m not half dead

I’m not fat and slow

I’m always on the go

Why did the Australian make that show

Now all my food has to go

Why wasn’t it on beer and wine

Now that would be a good time

16 thoughts on “Mean and Green

  1. That is funny and ironically true.
    Thanks for the comment but that post was trashed due to my dashboard error, still learning…

  2. I broke my fast for a spicy tuna roll and it was the best spicy tuna roll ever!
    And my Brain feels great!
    Maybe I’ll just fast from cookies. 🙂

  3. I definitely think you should stick to the ‘fully-functioning-brain” part!!

    I never get tired of your witty inventiveness Ken!

    I entertained the thought of doing a juice fast myself this summer, but I’d rather be entertained by your poetry.

    That monstrous juicer machine on my kitchen counter top seemed to be saying to me, … “nah… way too much work”. I’d rather be sinful and lazy!

  4. Head… not… working… Must… have… food… 🙂

    I think they must have suffered greatly!! I may have to rethink the ‘fast’ part of this situation. Perhaps I’ll just add juicing to my regular diet. Extra nutrients is never a bad thing. Either is a fully-functioning brain. 🙂

  5. Loved this! That was a great movie, and it inspired me as well. How are your detox effects going? That was what made me go back to food, because I felt terrible and couldn’t get any work done. I think a juice fast would require me to take a week off work, and I eat pretty healthy food! I can’t imagine how some of the people in the movie must have suffered. That’s one thing they didn’t include…

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