Currency of Thought

The only thing stopping us from success is ourselves.

It is amazing how a simple conversation can inspire.

It’s amazing how the digital world can take that inspiration and spread it all over the globe.

Being a former system kid, I thought about what I would tell a kid currently in the system.

I want them to know not only how to survive but how to thrive in foster care.

I put it on paper Thursday.

Revised it Friday and Saturday.

Published it Monday.

It will be ready for distribution in a couple of days.

It only cost a thought but will benefit so many.

The digital world has brought down the gate keepers.

I want to thank my digital community.

I want to thank all the people who post.

I want to thank all the people who like and comment.

If it wasn’t for the spark from you this idea would never have ignited.

Thanks for your support.

This is what the explosion looks like.

Thanks again.


6 thoughts on “Currency of Thought

  1. A very neatly apt title indeed.
    And by the “Law of Boomerang” a sincere appreciation of your words is duly returned!

  2. No probs! You might like to read about IFCO (International Foster Care Organisation) we just had the annual conference and this is where the CreateXchange was founded by young people in care and care leavers…they are an inspiration!

  3. Hi Ken, Thank you for your book…I have a network of young people and professionals who work with them who will be very interested in this too. Keep on blogging! Sarah

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