Stand Tall

Stand tall

Stand tall my little ones

Stand tall

It’s not your fault

Stand tall

After surviving the lies

Don’t be afraid to look others in the eyes

Stand tall

Stand tall when those about you fall

Stand tall

Speak for the weak

Screaming their stories from the highest peak

Stand tall

I will listen for your call

Stand tall

Just remember

You’re not alone

Stand tall.

6 thoughts on “Stand Tall

  1. Your words are too kind. I feel for those kids. I was one of them and lucky enough to make it. That’s what prompted me to write the survival guide. Now if I could just get it into their hands. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  2. I love your picture of RUFF!!! It’s great 🙂 Full flight, for sure.

    Re your words – inspiring, motivating. Cheers.

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