Desert Rose nominated ME for an award!!

Today Desert Rose nominated my blog for the “Tell Me About Yourself Award.”

The rules for this award are to thank the person who nominated you, tell seven things about yourself, and nominate seven bloggers.

Thank you, Desert Rose. Thanks for making me share. 🙂

The following statements are all true.

1. I pretty much like peanut butter on everything. Including hot dogs.

2. My first dog was killed in a stash house in Mexico.

3. As a kid, I was kidnapped by a notorious biker gang and released unharmed.

4. My dad made Sixty Minutes… and not for his good deeds.

5. I was a third-generation foster kid, coming of age mostly in boys’ home and group homes and eventually aging out of the system.

6. I have lived and worked as far west as Hawaii and as far east as England and lots of places in between.

7. I feel like I won the lottery everyday. I’m happily married and have three great kids.

8. I presently earn a living hunting bad guys. I know there were only supposed to be seven things, but I’ve always had trouble following the rules. 🙂

9. I just wanted to break the rules again. I AM Potentially Disruptive.

The seven blogs I nominate for this award are… drumroll, please.

1. Poet Jena:

2. Antonio de Simone:

3. Ardun Ward:

4. Wayward Spirit:

5. Ramblings From an Apothetic Adult Baby:

6. Scribble it Down:

7. Cristian Mihai:

10 thoughts on “Desert Rose nominated ME for an award!!

  1. Hi, Carina. Sorry to just respond. This was in my spam folder for some reason. My father was my hero. The sun is never brighter and the sky is never more blue than when you’re sharing experiences with your hero. Now that being said, as an adult, I don’t condone what he did, but as a kid, I didn’t fully understand the consequences of what he was doing. And as a kid, I always wanted to be the bad guy (and had great training at it) and now as an adult, I’m the good guy chasing down the bad guys. I look and smell so much like a bad guy that they don’t even see me coming. Isn’t that just like God’s sense of humor!

  2. Hi Ken, nice of you to join me, and congratulations on your award. I have to confess, since we just met, I am not sure so far if I am suppose to believe your last statement above, or if you are talking with ‘tongue in cheek’!? Will hopefully find out soon. Ciao Carina

  3. It was all about trafficking guns and drugs. That is what it was about but that sentence does not do it justice. It was a life style. It was about independence and flipping off the powers that be. That’s how it started. Then it morphed itself into tragedy on so many levels. The ripple effect was huge. The crazy thing is those are some of my fondest memories as a kid. It was pure adventure for me.

  4. How intriguing! Your dad made 60 Minutes???? & you were kidnapped by a bikie gang – whatever FOR?! Wow, you leave too much unneeded – I want to know MORE.

    Congrats 🙂 This was a VERY interesting read.

  5. Thanks again for recognizing me! The list above looks like a sad story, but from my perspective, it was an epic adventure — wrapped in a dashiki shirt. 🙂

  6. LOL, Ken you are a very funny guy!!
    I am pleased to share this with all of you . You deserve the award and with the list you presented above I would say you have had a very interesting life.
    Keep up the great work and most importantly e yourself it is a wonderful thing to encounter real people ho are not afraid to be who they are 🙂
    Thank you for all that you share!
    Blessings to you and yours

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