The VW Rabbit

Larry it’s Ken.

You probably don’t remember me. We worked in Malibu together. Many years ago.

It was back when you had that convertible rabbit.

You used to let me drive it around on my days off.

I’m sorry Larry.

In your car I did everything from fish tails to emergency brake U turns on those canyon roads.

It was my fault that all those road construction guys came after you.

I was tearing down the road in your car when I came across a few miles of orange cones in the road.

I scattered most of them.

Nobody saw me the first time.

A few days later when I came barreling down that road in your car they were all up again.

So I scattered them again.

This time there were construction guys on the road screaming at me.

It was very surreal.

So the next time I brought my cousin.

I knocked down that long line of cones again in your car and we screamed at the construction guys as they threw stuff at us.

It was a long road and we messed with those guys all summer.

I literally scattered miles of cones in your car.

That’s why they came after you. They thought you were me.

Sorry you got your butt kicked man.

I’m truly sorry.


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