I remember when we were young and everything was so black and white. You used to wear those cute little silver bunny-ear hats.

Life was so simple then.

Saturday mornings both of us laughing. It seemed so innocent.

We parted ways for a while and I missed you.

But now that we are back together you’re sucking the life out of me.  You are way too complicated.  Being in your presence everyday is driving me nuts.

You’re telling me how to dress or how to act.

What to eat or how to think.

I’m tired of it.

Your whole story is mostly fiction.

I know you’re smart and sleek but that doesn’t change the fact that what you really are is mostly plastic.

Everybody thinks I’m a dummy for leaving you. I think they are addicted and co-dependent on fictional friends and used to riding bitch in the vehicle of life.

I’m vowing not to ride bitch again with a TV set.

I’m going to relearn all my kids names and reintroduce myself to my wife.

It won’t be hard because we all live in the same small apartment. I want us to get close again. I want to learn everyone’s hopes and dreams.

I have to take the box away… from everybody.  They’re all going to hate me.

Hi everybody, I’m your dad and I want to get to know you again. Isn’t it great for me to be participating with the kids again, honey?

I’m throwing away the TV in the name of family and relationships, but the truth is, I’ve created total chaos and off to work I go.  Good luck, honey!

2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Geez, so gritting! No matter how much you turn things for the better or how much you look at the bright side. life is hard indeed. You get so imprisoned by your commonplace.You try to save history and think about the future for yourself and others, but sometimes, you get so fed up. Way to be smart!

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